About Assembly

Eclectic wines, unique beers and craft cocktails complement rustic California cuisine based on local, seasonal and sustainably sourced ingredients. Executive Chef Jessica Yarr brings a contemporary twist to the approachable yet intriguing menu. The restaurant’s wood-metal-stone décor radiates from long community tables that anchor the center of the dining room, which is filled with natural light in daytime and bathed in the soft glow of copper accents at night. The banquette, family tables, counter seating at the bar and a spacious patio provide a comfortable seat for anyone to enjoy an exceptional dining experience.


What Are People Saying About Us?

This ambitious young restaurant is almost perfectly assembled

Ann Parker, Santa Cruz Sentinel

A spacious, modern sit-down restaurant that celebrates local ingredients in a deceptively rustic menu

Susan Hathaway, KQED

A restaurant that truly channels the gestalt of Santa Cruz

Michael Bauer, San Francisco Chronicle

Rustic California foods, locally sourced and beyond fresh, never tasted better than this

Christina Waters, Good Times Weekly

To call a feast a “convivium” is to call it a “mystery of the sharing of life”—a mystery in which guests partake of the good things prepared and given to them by the love of their host, and in which the atmosphere of friendship and gratitude expands into a sharing of thoughts and sentiments, and ends in common rejoicing.

-Thomas Merton, The Living Bread