Mutari Chocolate at PopUp – November 17th
2017 Nov 14 By Brooke Drury 0 comment

As mentioned in Edible Monterey Bay Magazine, we are thrilled to announce Mutari Chocolate’s exteneded residency in POPUP beginning November 17th!

POPUP will be hosting Mutari Chocolate for an extended residency beginning November 17th, to bring you some incredible chocolate at an even more convenient location.


Here’s a little bit about Mutari, from the masterminds behind their incredible chocolate:

At Mutari we sort the beans in house by hand, and work to source ethically traded and sustainably grown cacao from a variety of farmers and origins throughout the world. We then roast, crack, winnow, stone grind, conch and age the beans for over 48 hours. The result is a true to origin dark chocolate, to enjoy in all of it’s forms.

Our hot and sipping chocolates are made, bottled, and served in cup at our factory and shop located just around the corner on Front St across from SurfRider in Santa Cruz, California. We also make and sell Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate Bars which are origin centric as well.  All of our products are minimal and of quality in ingredients. The Craft Chocolate Bars are make form the bean and have just three ingredients, organic cacao + organic sugar + 2% cacao butter, no soy lecithin or other “extras” that take away from quality.

The Craft Hot Chocolate is made from the bean are kept just as simple using organic cacao + organic sugar and made with unsweetened coconut milk (in our tastings it s the best/most complimentary pairing with the cacao).  We do not advertise as a Vegan chocolate shop, however our products are all Vegan, and we do have a pretty substantial Vegan following. All of that being said we a locally owned business (we live just a few blocks away from POPUP downtown) that makes small batch craft chocolate and we SUPER excited to be share a space with you all on Pacific Avenue!  ‘Tis the season for Chocolate!

Who’s ready to taste some incredible local chocolate?! See you soon!