Assembly Kicks Off Beer Week
2016 May 20 By Assembly 0 comment

The newest brewery in Santa Cruz, Shanty Shack Brewing, takes over the taps at Assembly to kick off Beer Week from Santa Cruz Waves. The groundbreaking menu from Chef Carlo Espinas brings in a range of near and far eastern flavors to complement the floral and citrus ranges of Shanty Shack craft beers.

Shanty Shack Brewing was recently featured at an Outstanding in the Field dinner and to Monday’s event they bring their stunning Lemon Hibiscus Farmhouse, Deep Thoughts Belgian Tripel, “Couch Surfing”, a soft lazy¬†Citra Hopped Saison and more. For beers this unique Chef Carlo broke the mold with a variety of dishes of near and far eastern inspiration.

  • Halibut tartare with lime, mint and snow peas
  • Filipino fried eggrolls with sweet chile sauce
  • Roasted Duck sliders with strawberry plum sauce and scallions
  • Grilled asparagus, broccoli, crispy rice and scramble egg
  • Oven roasted red curry¬†Dungeness crab with fennel and coconut milk just to name a few

From the exclusive access to new beer to this mouthwatering menu this is going to be a delicious evening!